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Cynet Vs. Darktrace

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Cynet Over Darktrace

The Advantages of Using Cynet

Enhanced Security and Visibility

Cynet protects your endpoints as well as your entire environment to give you greater visibility. Defend against endpoint, user, and network attacks with powerful NGAV and EDR, and use fully automated response orchestration to mitigate any potential attack before it becomes a threat.

SOC Team at Your Side 24/7

Cynet’s CyOps MDR team is available 24/7 and 365 to support your security team in defending your organization. Our SOC Experts are here to assist with alert monitoring to ensure you can respond properly to every alert, threat hunting, and attack investigation to limit the damage and potential future threats.

Immediate Value

Unlike solutions that require heavy startup costs and resources, Cynet can be deployed to thousands of endpoints in minutes, protecting your organization without the need for extensive training, handholding, and complex transitions.

Cynet and Darktrace Head-To-Head

Insider threat protection
Visibility into endpoint, user and network activities
Anomaly detection for users, endpoints and network traffic
Network traffic analysis against lateral movement and data exfiltration
Multilayered endpoint protection
File Integrity Monitoring for fixed environments
Free MDR services
Deception: decoy nodes, files, credentials and network connections
Remediation for network, file, endpoint and user-based attacks
Response orchestration across infrastructure components such as firewall, Active Directory and others
Automated response playbooks
Having Cynet gave us full control – from visibility, to threat
protection and into response.
Drew Bjerken, CISO & CPO, Catalina

The key reasons why to choose Cynet 360 over Darktrace

Prevention of ransomware, endpoint, and fileless malware execution vs. visibility only   icon

Prevention of ransomware, endpoint, and fileless malware execution vs. visibility only

Cynet 360 agent provides proactive prevention

of any type of malware on the endpoint, thwarting attacks at their utmost earliest stage before any compromise occurs.

Darktrace is reactive by nature with zero malware prevention capabilities, which means there is no way to prevent initial compromise. This renders it ineffective against multiple attack types and especially ransomware.

Autonomous Breach Protection that fully automates attack investigation and remediation  icon

Autonomous Breach Protection that fully automates attack investigation and remediation

Cynet 360 automates all, otherwise manual, activities that must be carried out following malware prevention/detection

discover the attack’s root cause and scope and apply required remediation.

Darktrace mainly provides alerts which must be manually investigated by a skilled security analyst in order to draw actionable conclusions. Darktrace’s automated response is limited to isolates suspicious hosts for investigation.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) at no Additional Cost  icon

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) at no Additional Cost

CyOps, Cynet’s MDR team, provides customers

alert monitoring, proactive threat hunting, attack investigation ,and IR assistance with no additional charge as an integrated part of Cynet 360 offering.

Darktrace does not provide MDR of any type, meaning that the customer must work its own way from the initial alerts to conclusion and remediation. While this task is achievable for large enterprises with staffed security teams, it is out of scope for most organizations.

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of Darktrace and Cynet 360

A Full Feature Comparison Of Cynet Vs. Darktrace Detailed Scope Of Services And Pricing Metrics

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