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Cynet SaaS Security
Posture Management

Automatically identify, prioritize and fix security risks across your SaaS applications directly from the Cynet AutoXDR™ platform.

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Automatically Discover SaaS Risks

Automatically identify security risks across all your SaaS applications, prioritize risks by category, and track the status of all issues directly from your Cynet dashboard.

Gain comprehensive SaaS security risk detection and remediation capabilities to your Cynet dashboard. Proactively monitor configuration settings across your SaaS applications and hunt for security posture issues without the need to access additional panes of glass. Cynet’s intuitive user interface allows you to immediately identify and prioritize SaaS security posture issues.

Analyze and Fix Issue with a Single Click

Drill down to the exact details and insights for each identified risk, see recommended remediation actions, and fix issues with one-click.

Cynet removes the guesswork by suggesting best practice configuration settings and auto-remediation capabilities that allow you to quickly take action to correct issues before they become security events.

Simplify Compliance

Quickly determine how configuration settings align with compliance standards and automatically take any necessary corrective actions.

Automatically align critical SaaS security controls to meet HIPAA, PCI, and GDPR requirements for access monitoring and control. Ensure compliance with multiple standards across SaaS applications by viewing current configuration settings vs. those required. Configuration errors can be uniformly corrected to ensure consistency across SaaS applications.

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