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Security & IT Operations

Cynet includes the IT & Security Operations tools you need to reduce your attack surface, shorten incident response times, and improve your company’s overall security posture.

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With full visibility across endpoints, networks and users, Cynet Protector™ provides the insights you need:

IT Hygiene

  • Block forbidden applications from being installed
  • Ensure operating systems and applications are up to date and appropriately patched

Asset Inventory

  • See all endpoints and network notes across your environment, along with configuration details and operating patterns. Identify rogue assets and bring them under management in real time.
  • Catalogue all applications running in your environment, along with the version, hosts, and network nodes they’re running on and users accessing them.

Vulnerability Management

  • Easily discover unpatched vulnerabilities across the environment and prioritize patching by assessed risks.
  • Search for specific research common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) to identify and protect exposed targets.

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