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Is your organization prepared for a ransomware attack?

You’re no stranger to ransomware – especially if you lead a security team at a small to medium-sized enterprise. We saw that 82% of ransomware attacks targeted small businesses last year.

Ransomware protection is more than detection, more than data backup and recovery, and more than phishing protection. Is your organization doing everything it can to protect against a ransomware attack?

Take Cynet’s Ransomware Readiness Assessment to find out.

Cynet’s Ransomware Readiness Assessment

Toggle right for any statement that applies to your organization from the list below. When you complete the assessment, we’ll let you know how to close security gaps and improve your ransomware security posture.

  • My organization manages its critical hardware, software, and data assets
  • My organization manages the entire identity lifecycle.
  • My organization performs security awareness training.
  • My organization controls access to all of its data and the entire data life cycle.
  • My organization actively patches applications and operating systems.
  • My organization restricts the use of elevated privileges.
  • My organization restricts software installation.
  • My organization employs URL filtering.
  • My organization filters email.
  • My organization manages and enforces security policies.
  • My organization uses machine learning and/or user behavior analytics.
  • My organization is centrally monitoring all logs for security events.
  • My organization uses threat intelligence.
  • My organization uses EDR/XDR/MDR.
  • My organization has a security incident response plan.
  • My organization’s IR plan has predeveloped communications templates
  • My organization’s security IR plan mandates event analysis.
  • My organization automates an orchestrated response across disparate systems.
  • My organization leverages unattached data storage.
  • My organization uses cloud hosted data storage
  • My organization has a recovery plan.
  • My organization has an incident communications plan.

Ready to close your security gaps?