“Deception solutions can provide high-fidelity early detection of hackers who are already inside the network.” — Peter Firstbrook, Neil MacDonald, Gartner

Use Case: Deception


As attacks and attackers grow continually sophisticated, so must the organizations attempting to navigate daily business while keeping their assets safe. In 2016, the industry was still referring to Deception as an “emerging technology.”


Today, as threats have evolved, organizations are realizing that a sound enterprise cybersecurity plan includes not only the usual detection and prevention solutions, but also technologies such as Deception, which give organizations an added edge in confronting cyber threats.


Identify Threats & Attackers Before They Strike:


The Cynet 360 Advanced Threat Detection and Response platform utilizes intelligent deception, issuing decoys which lure attackers into revealing their presence.


Deception cropped image

Decoy Files & Folders:


The Cynet 360 platform strategically places decoy files and folders in locations attackers are likely to access. The attacker’s interest in a decoy triggers pre-deployed traps,  setting off alerts and putting in motion tracking mechanisms which provide a clear picture of attacker activity. Even if an attacker exfiltrates and opens a decoy file outside of the organizational network, an alert is sent, empowering IT security teams with an additional proactive prevention layer.


Decoy Servers, Services & Shares:


Decoy servers, services and shares can be planted throughout the organization, to lure attackers as they move laterally through the network. Once threats are identified, the Cynet platform enables easy isolation, investigation and response. The Cynet 360 platform allows the organizational security team to:

  • Deploy decoys for specific groups of servers or workstations
  • Lure attackers to an isolated environment for investigation
  • Receive and react to highly accurate alerts, before damage is done


Fast, Easy Response & Remediation:


Once a threat is identified, the Cynet 360 platform provides IT security staff with the ability of fast manual or instant automatic remediation.

The Cynet Platform
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