Whether you are a big hitter in the cybersecurity landscape, with your own SOC team, or you are a smaller-sized company with a more limited cybersecurity capability, chances are you will at some time seek the services of a Managed Security provider. These services provide an emergency provision to any company on the wrong end of a cyberattack. The trend to deploy services of these companies is growing in line with the exponential growth of cyber threats on the Internet landscape.

Due to the high demand for Incident Response Service Providers (IRSPs), they often have their work cut out for them. To meet the demand, Cynet has now offered IRSPs the services of their Cynet 360 platform, for free. This system provides the rapid collection of data that it then analyzes, investigates, and remediates on the target network. And all of this is achieved at unparalleled speed and reliability. An IRSP can sign up to the Cynet 360 service by clicking here to receive free access to the program.

Eyal Gruner, the co-founder of Cynet has stated, “Cynet tackles the incident response play at its most fundamental core—speed,”.

He adds, “By harnessing Cynet 360’s lightspeed distribution infrastructure, Cynet enables Incident Response providers to get immediate visibility into the entire environment they are accountable for investigating, purging from it malicious presences and handing it back to the customer, clean and ready for production.”

The Cynet CEO has an extensive background in the field of offensive cybersecurity and Incident Response and said that there is no match for Cynet 360’s speed in the detection, analysis, and mitigation of the current array of cyberattacks in the field today.

As Gruner said, the speed with which any cybersecurity system can identify and resolve cyber threats is of the essence. The faster threats can be neutralized, then the quicker companies can regain their composure and get back to full operational strength.

Where Cynet 360 beats the competition is in its application of scale. Cyber defense requires the simultaneous analysis of multiple thousands of user accounts and many millions of pieces of data. This form of analysis is Cynet’s specialty. Its enterprise-ready capability is designed to monitor thousands of endpoints across a target network and start to produce results within minutes.

Visibility is another key feature of the Cynet 360 system. Incident Response teams require an immediate picture across the entire network from the get-go. Their system can access all network endpoints remotely without the necessity of installing software on each node individually.

The software that Cynet is offering for free provides the following services:

  • Instant Time-to-Value: IR providers can access target networks immediately and clean any extant malware, returning a sanitized system to the owners. Cynet 360 also provides rapid delivery of scale.
  • Full Visibility: This is available to the client owner within 60 minutes of engagement. Data is collected and analyzed with any threats neutralized across the entire network.
  • Threat Detection: Instant active threat detection is applied and any malicious files are removed.
  • Remediation Toolset: Using multiple remediation layering, Cynet 360 removes any cyber threats using a powerful remediation toolkit that examines the network’s endpoints, user accounts, and network traffic.

Gruner adds, “We are throwing a bomb here, handing out a free tool that is an actual game changer. Just think of the possibilities that it opens in terms of the incident volume an Incident Response team can handle. We’re looking forward to mass adoption of the Incident Response part of Cynet 360—another disruption of the cybersecurity equation, in favor of the good guys.”

Click here to find out more about Cynet’s “Respond at the Speed of Light” offering