Forensic Investigations

“Adding technology alone won’t stop Advanced Persistent Threats. An effective strategy must include improvements in your forensics and incident response (IR) capabilities.” — Gartner

Use Case:  Forensic Investigations


IT security teams get a broad package of critical, ready-to-go capabilities with the Cynet 360 platform. In addition to Endpoint Detection and Response, User and Entity Behavior Analytics, network traffic analysis and file analysis, the platform provides advanced Forensic Investigation capabilities.  Alerts, threats and their associated processes can be easily viewed and tracked within the friendly Cynet GUI.


A Complete Picture with Deep Dive Investigation:
Deep dive investigations allow organizations to quickly identify, hone in on and investigate suspicious incidents, detecting malicious activities on endpoints, within processes, through users and through network traffic data – before the damage is done.


Dynamic or Static Sandbox for Safe Investigations:


IT security teams can isolate and examine suspicious items utilizing the Cynet platform’s static or dynamic sandbox.  The enterprise environment is kept safe, while security staff get a fuller picture of the behaviors of items of that flag their interest.


Cyber SWAT Team 24/7 Expert Monitoring:


Cynet’s Cyber SWAT Team is a team of elite security experts – online all day, every day to actively monitor, assess, prioritize and respond to threats as they develop. Our Cyber SWAT Team can serve as an elastic extension of an organization’s existing SOC, while smaller organizations can leverage it to serve as their frontline SOC. The Cyber SWAT Team gives organizations:

  • Expert monitoring and assessment of organizational traffic and alerts
  • Application of frontline, real-time Threat Intelligence
  • Quick response – investigation, risk ranking, prioritization and remediation
  • A fully staffed SOC at a fraction of the cost


Rapid Incident Response, Full Investigations:


Customers of Cynet benefit from perpetual Incident Response, as part of the Cynet 360 platform. Organizations which are not using Cynet but which believe they are under attack can deploy, begin scanning and get results across thousands of endpoints in under 2-hours. Incident Response offers all Cynet 360 platform capabilities including Forensic Investigations, Threat Intelligence, cyber SWAT team and more.

The Cynet Platform
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