Cynet for Solution Providers & Resellers

Solve all Breach Protection Challenges with a Single Solution

Resell a highly differentiated platform that comprises both native integration of all
breach protection functionalities, as well as 247 SOC services

Integrated capabilities of NGAV, EDR, UBA, Network analytics and Deception

Real time visibility into all user, network and endpoint activity

Fully automated response playbooks

247 SOC team of top analyst and researchers

Partnership Highlights

Complete Breach Protection

  • Single solution that consolidates end-to-end endpoint, network and user protection.
  • End-to-end visibility of all activities: file/process execution, user logins, installed software and network traffic
  • Prevention and detection of all the main commodity and advanced attack vectors.
  • Automated response for infected hosts, malicious files, attacker-controlled network traffic and compromised user accounts.

247 SOC

  • Continuous threat hunting across the customer’s environment.
  • In depth investigation of active attacks and malicious files.
  • Engaging the customer’s security team upon discovery of live attacks.

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  • Marketing – tailored collateral, webinars and case studies.
  • Sales – expert sales rep and SEs across the entire sales cycle.
  • Technical support across deployment, management and maintenance.

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