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Keep Your Organization Safe
From Ransomware Attacks With Cynet 360 XDR and Automated Response

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Limitations of Common EDR Solutions

Detection Challenges

Ransomware attacks are rarely overt. They begin with stealth infiltration methods that are hard to identify or distinguish from regular behavior.

Multi-Faceted Attacks

Ransomware attacks deploy a variety of tools to successfully infiltrate an organization. By the time data is locked, malware might have already been present for a long time.

Root Cause Analysis

A ransomware attack is only the end of a long process. Security stacks must be able to react swiftly and find the root cause to properly remediate and avoid a ransomware attack’s success.

Remediation Challenges

To truly mitigate the damage from ransomware, responses must be quick, effective, and definitive. For many orgnaizations, this is a challenge at the very least.

Meet Cynet XDR

Cynet’s Extended Detection and Response (XDR) gives you enterprise-grade prevention and detection coverage across your environment, helping you defend against ransomware attacks at the point of attack, and mitigating any infiltrations before they become dangerous.

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Protect Your Organization
From Ransomware Attacks

Extended Prevention And Detection

Cynet uses machine learning-based malware detection that leverages millions of malware samples to constantly improve its detection capabilities. Scan suspicious files, abnormal activity, and block attacks in real-time

Behavior And Network Analytics

Constantly scan for any unusual behavior from both user accounts and networks to ensure that nothing is happening that shouldn’t be. Set credential privileges, file filtering, and prevent apps from acting in unexpected ways


Keep attackers off their feet with advanced deception technology that plants decoy files and hosts in various locations – especially those that ransomware attacks typically target.

Automated Investigation And Remediation

Quickly uncover and respond to ransomware attacks by identifying the full scope of an attempt. Cynet’s automated response is fast, effective, and can deal with ransomware attacks at the root.

Ransomware Prevention,
Detection And Remediation

Learn How Cynet XDR stops
ransomware before it stops you.

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Having Cynet Gave Us Full Control –
From Visibility, To Threat Protection And Into Response.

Drew Bjerken, CISO & CPO, Catalina

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Cynet is The Only Solution That Consolidates XDR, Response
Automation, and 24/7 MDR Services at No Additional Cost.


CyOps proactively monitors your environment, prioritizes and notifies you of critical alerts


CyOps searches for malicious artifacts and IoCs within your environment


The CyOps team produces detailed analysis reports on attacks that target your environment


Our SOC team offers remote assistance to contain and eradicate all threat components

Purpose-Built To Streamline Operations

Seamless deployment, maintenance and management


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