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Cynet ResponderTM

Security automation out-of-the-box

Put your cybersecurity on autopilot with automated investigation and response to address threats across your environment.

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Resolve threats 50x faster, reduce manual incident handling by 90%

Cynet Responder provides an extensive array of automated capabilities that allow you to orchestrate incident response across your environment and get all the benefits of SOAR

Find and Eradicate Attacks Before Damage Is Done

Uncover and resolve all attack components across your environment in seconds – not minutes or hours.

Increase Your Team’s Bandwidth

Become more productive and eliminate time-consuming manual tasks by automating workflows and accelerating threat detection, investigation and response.

Augment Your Team’s Response Skills

Boost your lean security team’s expertise by leveraging automated best practice investigation and response workflows.

Reduce Cost and Complexity

Avoid the costly and resource-intensive implementation and support of a complicated SOAR solution – Responder is included in Cynet AutoXDR platform.

Reduce the ongoing burden of threat response and let your security team SOAR

Cynet’s advanced response capabilities automatically address threats across your environment


Automatically determine the root cause and full scope of an attack across your environment. Includes a graphical timeline and layout of attacks, along with the automated investigation and response actions.


Eliminate malicious presence and activity across endpoints, networks, users, SaaS applications and other IT components with the broadest set of remediation actions available from an XDR provider.


Cynet Remediation Playbooks automate comprehensive multi-action responses across your environment for any attack scenario. Leverage prebuilt playbooks or easily create your own customized playbooks.


Investigate alerts, remediate threats, orchestrate and automate incident response workflows across your environment, all from a single pane of glass.


Cynet XDR
Other XDR
Multiple telemetry sources pre-integrated
IT Component integration required (ex, firewalls, Active Directory, logs, etc.)

Response capabilities

Automated Root Cause Analysis
Automated Attack Scope Analysis
Expanded Auto-Remediation Actions (Endpoint, Network, User, etc)
Customizable Remediation Actions
Pre-built Remediation Playbooks
Single click response
Case Management

How can Cynet ResponderTM help?

Does your team have enough time to investigate every alert?

Cynet Responder is always working behind the scenes to automatically investigate and respond to threats across your environment. Cynet Responder automatically uncovers all actions taken by the detected threat, determines the threat’s root cause and scope, and then applies necessary remediation actions to eradicate all remnants of the attack. Investigations that might take an analyst hours or days is completed in minutes.

Does your team know how to investigate every alert?

Cynet’s Incident Engine is an expert system that emulates the decision-making ability of a world-class cybersecurity analyst. With no configuration or human intervention required, the entire investigation and response workflow is completed for you in the background. You can configure whether you want Cynet Responder to enforce remediation actions automatically or perform recommended remediation steps manually.

Do you have sufficient staff to respond to alerts 24/7?

Most lean security teams cannot monitor and respond to threats 24x7. Cynet Responder puts your cybersecurity on autopilot by automatically discovering and responding to threats around the clock. Even while you’re sleeping. Cynet AutoXDR is also backed by Cynet CyOps MDR service that monitors your environment 24x7 to ensure that dangerous threats are not overlooked and are properly addressed.

Can you instantly respond to dangerous threats, like ransomware?

When dangerous threats, like ransomware are detected, time is of the essence. Blocking the ransomware process is of course critical, but not nearly enough to ensure the entire threat is removed. What if the user’s credentials are compromised? What if the ransomware compromised other machines? With Cynet Responder, you can automatically initiate remediation playbooks to instantly perform multiple remediation actions, such as disabling users, searching for suspicious files and process across your environment to ensure threats are fully contained and eradicated at machine speed.

Cynet Responder in action


Learn how the Cynet 360 platform provides the widest set of remediation tools, enabling you to eliminate malicious presence and activity across your environment.


Learn how to configure and implement custom remediations and remediation playbooks on the Cynet 360 platform, to fully remediate threats by taking actions across files, hosts, users and networks


Learn about the broad array of remediation actions that can be manually or automatically initiated on the Cynet 360 platform across files, hosts, users and networks

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