“On average, more than 4,000 ransomware attacks have occurred daily since January 1, 2016. This is a 300-percent increase over the approximately 1,000 attacks per day seen in 2015.” — U.S. Department of Justice

Use Case: Ransomware

Ransomware is not a new story, but it is a continually evolving one. While variants and methods of delivery have changed, one thing remains constant: organizations recognize the importance of implementing a protection and prevention solution – one with the ability to identify and stop ransomware before encryption of valuable assets takes place.

Full Visibility for Rapid Identification:

The Cynet 360 Advanced Threat Detection and Response platform identifies ransomware before it causes damage to the organization. Cynet:

    • Provides full visibility across endpoints, files, users and the network
    • Enables the use of decoy files to lure threatening items out into the open
    • Quickly identifies and tracks ransomware at the beginning of its cycle


Auto-remediation for Peace-of-Mind:

When the Cynet 360 platform identifies ransomware, it automatically remediates the threatening item, stopping the process before files or drives are encrypted. Once the platform kills the ransomware, it verifies no other associated threats remain.


With Cynet 360, your security team can easily monitor, prioritize and respond to ransomware – and other threats – before they strike, which is crucial to keep business running smoothly.

The Cynet Platform
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