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Endpoint Protection for Mac: Why it’s Critical to Secure Your Macs

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Despite common belief, macOS is not unbreachable. Mac systems can and have been affected by common endpoint threats such as malware and ransomware. The first step towards protection is awareness. For the corporate network, this means retaining as much visibility and control and possible through the implementation of endpoint security.


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Why is Mac Endpoint Security Important?

Mac systems affected by malware and other vulnerabilities have increased exponentially since 2010, at least partially due to this myth. Part of this growth is due to the increase of Mac systems in enterprises. These devices may be unintentionally or carelessly exempted from security policies, putting the entire system at risk. To prevent this, security and risk management teams need to understand Mac-based risks and apply best practices to stop risks.

Another contributor to the growth of Mac issues is the rise in popularity of macOS for developers. Developer’s devices are a natural target for attackers since developers store and access source code and secrets such as API keys. These valuable assets need to be carefully protected, even on Mac devices.

Endpoint Protection for Mac: Best Practices

Although Macs are not subject to all of the same issues as Windows devices, built-in Mac security cannot protect from everything. To cover the remaining gaps, you need to apply best practices such as layered security and endpoint protection. Below are some best practices you should be sure to include.

  • Keep devices updated—outdated software is vulnerable. Updating your devices ensures that vulnerabilities are patched and minimizes risk. When updating, be sure to do so for both your OS and applications.
  • Be aware of risks—make sure users understand how to spot untrustworthy links and emails. Security tools are only helpful when users don’t undermine protections by installing malware or providing credentials to scammers.
  • Install only trusted software—in general, try to install applications directly from official sites or the Mac App Store. Applications downloaded from secondary sources are more likely to be bundled with malware, such as ransomware.
  • Backup your data—backup your data frequently to protect from hardware failure and ransomware. Make sure to store backups in a remote location; backups do you no good if lost or encrypted with the rest of your data.
  • Use antivirussolutions—antivirus software can help keep you protected against malware, viruses, and rootkits. This software should be used in combination with other tools for full protection.
  • Limit administrative rights—use the principle of least privilege to reduce the damage that can be done by successful attacks. Users should only be able to access the settings, applications, and data stores they need. Allowing administrative privileges can grant access to your broader systems and enable users to remove security measures.

Endpoint Protection Solutions for Mac

Endpoint protection (EPP) solutions typically provide monitoring, detection, and response for security incidents on endpoint devices. Endpoint devices are any device users can use to gain access to a network, for example, workstations, smartphones, or routers. Many of the available EPP solutions can provide protections for Mac devices, including:

  • Cynet Endpoint Security for Mac—an autonomous security platform for visibility and protection of Mac devices.
  • Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac—a lightweight security platform for Mac desktops and notebooks.
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection for Mac—an on-premise endpoint security solution for Mac devices.
  • ESET Endpoint Protection for Mac—a remote endpoint security platform for cross-platform devices.

Cynet Endpoint Security for Mac

Cynet 360 offers a platform-based Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) supporting Windows, Linux and Mac endpoints, with built-in EDR security, Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV), and automated incident response. To ensure complete network coverage, Cynet 360 provides network analytics, UEBA, and deception technology.

To learn more about how Cynet’s Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solution natively combines all these capabilities, click here.

Cynet’s platform includes:

  • NGAV—protects against exploits, malware, LOLBins, malicious scripts, Macros, as well as other known and unknown threats.
  • Zero-day protection—the User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) module detects abnormal behavior and then either responds automatically or prompts manual response.
  • Monitoring and control—endpoint vulnerability assessments and application control, asset management, as well as auditing, logging and monitoring.
  • Response orchestration—automated policies are run and then the system sends alerts. The system will then respond or prompt manual action.
  • Deception technology—attackers are lured away from real systems and into fake honeypots, where the threat is mitigated and contained.
  • Network analytics—identifies suspicious connections, lateral movement, and unusual logins.

Learn more about the Cynet 360 security platform.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac provides fast, unobtrusive security for Mac endpoints. It includes features for:

Performance and multi-layered protection
Kaspersky’s Endpoint Security provides lightweight protection for servers and endpoints that has a limited effect on performance. It also includes Automatic Rollback, which enables you to undo most malicious actions easily.

Agile protection technologies
Kaspersky’s solution includes static and dynamic machine learning technologies to help you identify threats regardless of type. These technologies help keep your protections relevant without requiring constant updates. This includes protection against zero-day threats and crypto miners.

Simplifies security management
Kaspersky’s solution enables you to deploy protections using preconfigured scenarios from a unified management console. This helps you ensure that your systems are continuously protected in a standardized way. It also includes cloud-enabled controls for remote management and greater productivity.

Download our comprehensive eBook

The Dark Side of EDR

  • 7 key considerations when evaluating EDR solutions
  • Learn about the dark sides of EDR for small teams
  • Explore associated costs: direct and intangible

Symantec Endpoint Protection for Mac

Symantec Endpoint Protection provides several layers of protection, helping to secure your devices against malware attacks and intrusion attempts.

Malware protection
Symantec Endpoint Protection includes features for scheduled malware scans, on-demand scans, and Auto-Protection. Auto-protection runs in the background and monitors and removes malicious programs and viruses.

Network protection
Symantec’s solution monitors data on your network layer and scans packet streams. Using signature-based detection, it can identify packets used for browser or network attacks. It also includes intrusion prevention features, like firewalls for blocking threats.

Device control
Symantec’s solution enables administrators to configure device control policies. These policies enable you to manage devices by name, model, serial number, or vendor details.

ESET Endpoint Security for Mac

ESET’s endpoint protection solutions provide multi-layered protection which provides a balance of detection, performance, and alerting.

Cross-platform support
You can use ESET solutions with most operating systems, including macOS, Linux, Windows, and Android. These protections are controlled from a single dashboard for easier and faster management.

Multi-layered defense
ESET’s solutions include features for the detection of malware at any stage, including pre-execution. This enables you to limit or entirely prevent damage to your devices and systems.

macOS server support
ESET’s solutions include built-in support for macOS server systems and commonly used applications, including Mac 10.9 and above. This support eases the integration of solutions and protects your productivity.

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